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Dispense 360 is Your Pharmacy's Complete Digital Solution in Leeds, AL, featuring groundbreaking Pharmacy Near Me technology. Discover the power of Dispense360, the industry's leading Opportunity Management System tailored for independent pharmacies. With Dispense360, automate 87% of patient education and outbound marketing tasks, freeing up valuable time to focus on building your pharmacy practice. Our comprehensive Patient Relationship Marketing (PRM) cloud-based system seamlessly educates, informs, and markets to your current and potential patients. Leveraging your existing contacts, Dispense360 enhances the effectiveness of your pharmacy practice, ensuring your pharmacy stands out in the competitive healthcare landscape. Welcome to the future of pharmacy marketing

  • Opportunity Management
  • Integrated Pharmacy Marketing
  • Multi-Location Scheduling
  • Text & Email Reminders
  • Document & Media Storage
  • Referral Tracking
  • Online Reviews
  • Notification Center
  • Task Management
  • Two-Way Text Communication
  • Conversion Reports
  • Email & SMS Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Voicemail Drops
  • Near Me Technology Sites
  • Local Citations
  • Voice Lines
  • Sales Funnels
  • Social Posts

Welcome to Dispense Marketing

At Dispense Marketing, we're frequently asked about our fervent dedication to digital marketing for independent pharmacies in Leeds, AL. Our response is simple: "WE LOVE IT!" There's nothing more gratifying than waking up each day and wholeheartedly committing ourselves to ensuring our clients' online success.

Our primary objective at Dispense Marketing is to "demystify" digital marketing, making it easily comprehensible. Most importantly, we aim to make digital marketing actionable for our clients, streamlining the process. The best part? We shoulder the majority of the workload, allowing you and your team to focus on your core strengths!

Our internal mission is centered around delivering the "Greatest Customer Service experience EVER by a Digital Marketing Company!" We accomplish this by providing tailored options for pharmacies of all sizes, all without any long-term contracts! You remain with us out of admiration for our service, and we remain with you out of genuine appreciation for your success! Don't just take our word for it; ask our clients and hear firsthand about our exceptional customer service.

Dispense Marketing

Our Pledge

Ensure your success

At Dispense Marketing, we are fully dedicated to ensuring your success in your digital marketing endeavors.

Customer Service

We prioritize delivering top-notch customer service, setting the standard in the industry.

Quality Software

Our commitment extends to providing the finest quality software available.

Digital Leader

We strive to maintain our position as a trailblazer and leader in the digital realm.

Empower you

Dispense Marketing is committed to empowering you and your team to effectively engage with today's socially connected patients online.

Flexible Solutions

We offer flexible no contract and short-term contract options to suit your needs.

Continuous Improvement

Timely changes and enhancements are made with a smile, as part of our commitment to continuous improvement.


Ensuring that your online presence is of the utmost quality is at the core of our commitment.

Reports & Results

We provide our clients with high-quality reports that drive meaningful results.

Surprassing Expectations

Dispense Marketing aims to be your ultimate digital marketing partner, surpassing all expectations.

Working Process

Our Process

At Dispense Marketing, we believe in a collaborative approach to digital success. Our process is designed to ensure that we not only meet but exceed your expectations every step of the way.



We start by getting to know you and your pharmacy. We'll take the time to understand your unique challenges, goals, and vision for success.


Strategy Development

Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, we'll work with you to develop a customized strategy tailored to achieve your objectives.



With your strategy in place, our team will get to work bringing it to life. From setting up your software solutions to launching your marketing campaigns, we'll handle all the heavy lifting.



We don't just set it and forget it. Our team continuously monitors and optimizes your campaigns to ensure they're delivering the best possible results.


Reporting & Analysis

Transparency is key. We provide regular reporting and analysis, so you always know how your campaigns are performing and can make informed decisions moving forward.


Ongoing Support

Your success is our success. Our team in Leeds, AL is here to provide ongoing support and guidance whenever you need it, ensuring you get the most out of our solutions.


Tailored for Pharmacies

Pharmacy Focused Web Design

Our team designs customized, fast, and compliant websites tailored exclusively for pharmacies, ensuring a captivating online presence that aligns with industry regulations.

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Content Tailoring

We create and optimize content that connects with your pharmacy's audience, ensuring relevance and compliance to boost your website's visibility and engagement.

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Optimized Pharmacy Listings

We enhance your Google Business Profile, integrating industry-specific details and updates for heightened local visibility and increased customer attraction.

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Pharmacy Citations

Your pharmacy will be listed in vital local directories, ensuring visibility and credibility while aiding in local SEO for enhanced discoverability.

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Trusted Backlinks

We establish authoritative backlinks for your pharmacy, enhancing its credibility and domain authority in the highly regulated pharmaceutical landscape.

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Targeted Social Engagement

Stay relevant and engaged with your audience. We manage and update your social channels with content that aligns with the interests and needs of your pharmacy customers.

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Review Management

We assist pharmacies in accumulating positive reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp, enhancing your online reputation and credibility in the healthcare sector.

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Local Discovery

Amplify your pharmacy's visibility when potential customers search for a pharmacy 'near me'. Our 'near me' technology platform ensures your pharmacy stands out in relevant local searches.

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Targeted Outreach

We craft personalized email and SMS campaigns that speak to your customers' specific needs and interests, fostering trust and loyalty while adhering to healthcare communication regulations.

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Follow-Up Automation

We automate follow-ups, ensuring your pharmacy promptly engages with leads. Stay connected and responsive through automated texts, emails, or calls, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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Pharmacy Lead Management

Efficiently manage leads with our specialized platform, designed for the unique needs of pharmacies. Streamline processes and serve more customers with targeted strategies.

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ROI Analytics

Gain insights into your investment returns with our detailed reporting, offering comparative data analysis to evaluate your performance in the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets.

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Independent Pharmacy

This local pharmacy client had a static online presence and low conversion rates. They needed a revamped online facade that would resonate with their local community and a website strategically designed to convert visitors into customers. In addition to requiring tailored local SEO strategies for the pharmaceutical industry, they sought a site optimized for conversions.

We revamped their online presence with a sleek, professional website centered around customer engagement and call-to-actions. We enlisted them in curated local directories to bolster online citations, enhancing local rankings and visibility amidst healthcare competitors. Our content team, well-versed in healthcare compliance and trends, rolled out engaging, informative content via blogs and social posts while fortifying domain authority with quality backlinks tailored for the community pharmacy niche.

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Case Study

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Our Clients

See why pharmacies love Dispense Marketing

"A Dynamic Digital Duo! Kudos to Dispense Marketing  for their exceptional work on Sports Pharmacy News' website! I can't emphasize enough how their expertise transformed our online presence. From a seamless website design that aligns perfectly with our brand to crafting captivating magazine graphics, they've elevated our content to a whole new level. But that's not all! Dispense Marketing also brilliantly brought to life another brand of mine—Pharmacist Athlete. Their intuitive approach captured the essence of the brand, resulting in an engaging website that resonates with our community. Their commitment to excellence and industry understanding make them more than just developers; they're true partners. If you're seeking a team to boost your online impact, Dispense Marketing is the one. Thanks for the fantastic journey!"

"Thrilled to share our experience with Dispense Marketing! As CEO of the Pharmacy Podcast Network, I witnessed a remarkable transformation of our website. Dispense Marketing's team created an original site with custom graphics, compelling content, and expert social media management. Their dedication, expertise, and commitment to our unique needs shine through. The result? A website that perfectly reflects our identity and objectives. This partnership has been enriching, and they've aligned perfectly with our vision. If you're looking for a team to create a seamless online presence, choose Dispense Marketing. Thank you for taking us to new heights!"

"As a partner at Superior Compounding Pharmacy, I'm thrilled to share our incredible journey with Dispense Marketing. Their impact has been nothing short of remarkable.From website development to captivating content, SEO, graphics, and social media management, Dispense Marketing has seamlessly woven our brand into the digital sphere. Eava Soka, their partner, has spearheaded impactful video creation that captures our essence brilliantly.Their strategic PPC campaigns have led to tangible growth in conversions and business opportunities.Dispense Marketing isn't just an agency; they've become our growth partner. Their dedication, industry insights, and transformative strategies have elevated our presence and impact.For those seeking more than services—seeking a true partner in growth—Dispense Marketing is the answer."

"I'm thrilled to share my experience working with Dispense Marketing on behalf of Capital Drug, a pharmaceutical wholesaler serving independent pharmacies. Their strategic prowess in social media has been a game-changer for us.Dispense Marketing took on the challenge of enhancing our social media presence, and the results have been phenomenal. Their tailored social media strategy hit the mark, and their content management has elevated our engagement levels significantly.Their commitment to understanding our industry nuances and translating them into captivating content is commendable. The impact on our brand's visibility and audience engagement is unmistakable.Dispense Marketing isn't just an agency; they're a partner in growth. If you're seeking a team that delivers exceptional results and understands the dynamics of your industry, look no further."

Dr. Brandon Welch

Founder, Sports Pharmacy News & Pharmacist Athlete

Todd Eury

CEO, Pharmacy Podcast Network

Eava Soka

Partner, Superior Compounding Pharmacy

Mike Solazzo

Capital Drug

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